Steven of Little Rock, AR

Two very recent experiences and last time I ever buy from Firearms Peddler. First was a pistol purchase. Background checks were delayed during Covid and no one ever followed up with me. I had to call every day! Apparently they don’t know how to process these checks because I never did get that pistol from them. Went elsewhere after waiting 14 days and background was immediately approved.

Patricia of Spring Hill, TN

I gave Firearms Peddler a high 5 because of their travel convenience from my home and the everything selection. If you’re looking for glock armo, tennis equipment or just a hat, they have it. Awesome store. Our granddaughter need a pair of shoes for cheerleading, they were the only people to have this shoe. Clothing selection is great too.

Melissa of Clyde, Texas

Prices were decent and the quality appeared to be good. There was enough of a selection to feel like more than just a sporting goods store and the fact that they had plenty of plus size choices was surprising.

Matthew of Indian Trail, North Carolina

Placed an order online at Firearms Peddler at the beginning of December 2019. I received an email the next day saying my order was cancelled because it was not in stock. Fast forward to today. This time I called to verify it was in stock. I placed the order while on the phone with the associate after she confirmed it was available.